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Antique, vintage and estate jewelry selling site for Clayton Antiques jewelry.

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About Us

Clayton Antiques is a third generation antique and jewelry business. The company was founded by James Markell, a successful retired businessman and his wife Nancy, who was forever hunting for antique treasures. Looking for something fun and interesting to do together, they opened Markell’s Antique Shop in Florida. It was Jim who became excited about antique jewelry after receiving his GIA certification. In 1966, the Markells began setting up a booth at the antiques shows in the area including Miami Beach and New Orleans. They were among the first antique dealers to have a case of jewelry at these antique shows. Their daughter, Beverly, began helping at these shows whenever she was home from college and found the business fascinating. She was hooked.

Beverly opened her own gallery in Clayton, Missouri and continued as a show dealer. Her jewelry inventory grew and antique jewelry became the focus of her business. Her daughter, Lauren, followed along in her footsteps attending auctions, going to house sales, and helping at the shop. Lauren is adding her vision as the next generation in the antique jewelry family business. Both women love what they do and feel fortunate to have met so many great jewelry enthusiasts along the way.

As members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Clayton Antiques is often consulted as an expert in the field of antique jewelry. We have over forty years of experience buying and selling antique jewelry. We bring our expertise, valuable contacts, and passion for jewelry to our new website.. For many years, our jewelry has been featured in magazines and used in reference books and price guides. It is our pleasure to bring our carefully selected jewelry directly to you.